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Hypno Design, Inc. has designed logos and built branding campaigns for some of the most outstanding organizations in the Philadelphia area. Logo Design and Branding Design Work is something that we do very well here at Hypno. We have designed logos and created branding campaigns for some of the most outstanding businesses and organizations in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area. For Philadelphia companies we create logos and branding for all types of businesses from small mom and pop shops to multi-million dollar corporate organizations.

For South Jersey organizations we create logos for nonprofit, political, professional and other not-for-profit groups as well as local city, county or state government offices. We work with many different types of businesses including but not limited to; self-employed independent artists, musicians, attorneys, physicians, real estate agents, direct marketers and business owners and major corporations.

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Logo-Design by Hypno Design

Over 50 years Experience Creating Strong Logos and Brands

If you are looking for a good Philadelphia logo designer for your business we have over 50 years combined experience in creating strong, memorable, and distinctive logos for people and organizations looking to stand out in their markets.

Logo design is one of our specialties and we are dedicated to providing you with the best logo design service available. Take a quick look at some of our most recent logo designs on this page, or view some of our client logos here.

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About Us…
We are a team of business professionals with over 50 years combined experience in marketing and design. Both of our principal founders are trained in the fine arts, and have degrees in graphic design and fine arts painting. Our design work for creating logos aims to simplify a design down to its essence, so that there are no unneeded elements, but so that the strength of the logo or the symbol is enhanced, and energized.

Good logo design is more than just a treatment of typography and color options. It is about creating strong graphic elements that are memorable and stand out in a crowd. We have designed logos for businesses of all sizes, from local restaurants and to major fortune 500 companies. We work with many different business types, and many different logo design styles including illustration style logos, typographic logos, abstract logo designs, and more. Please reach out to us if you would like to talk about how we can help your business stand out in the marketplace using effective logo design strategies.

The Best of Philadelphia Logo Design

The best logo design builds on the idea that it is the ultimate brand promise behind the logo that should drive a company’s image, and not simply the logo itself.

Our design process is designed to help you achieve this vision, but first keep in mind that our first step is to look at your business through the eyes of a potential customer, investor or corporate sponsor. The purpose of this perspective is to help us create an effective logo design that will attract clients and encourage loyalty. Brand loyalty is cited by experts as one of the most important factor sin the level of success a company is able to obtain.

Logo Design Process:

We start off by taking a look at your industry, and the business you are in. We look at who your competition is. And what aspects of your business might set you apart from them… and we give advice on how to market those differentiators. Case in point, this example of a new logo design for a technology company went through about a dozen design iterations to land at the perfect point for expressing the nature of this interactive design agency that specializes in creating cutting edge IOT (internet of things) development and design:

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Once we have a clear understanding of your business and its industry, we will work with you in a collaborative process to create a design that expresses your business’ unique identity. There may be many components to your overall brand identity to design and create, like a branded new website, a Powerpoint deck, a stationery set, as well as business cards, and other printed collateral materials. Social media branding and online marketing branding also play an important role in the public perception and understanding of your brand. A consistent brand identity across all elements helps unite and strengthen the brand, and create a sense of consistency, professionalism and improve overall brand recognition and recall by your customers.

To ensure your business gets value for its money we offer a unique service called our “Brand Loyalty Investigation Program”. BLIP helps us insure that your logo and brand are more effective and create a lasting impression on your audience and market. With an understanding of all of your materials we can see where you are losing your customers’ or audience’s attention and falling short for creating the best brand. This includes a brand audit, a look at any corporate collateral, branding guides (if they exist), and all public facing presentation of your brand. It may also include surveying your audience or customers, and constituents. A Hypno BLIP is not for all clients. But for those with existing logos and brands in need of a major makeover or a unification, this may be needed.

What is Branding and Brand Building?

Branding is so much more than just logo design. A company’s brand is their lifeblood in that it represents much more than corporate colors, and a style guide. Good branding starts with understanding a company or organizations place and position in their market. Good branding starts with a positioning statement. A good positioning statement looks at what a company offers or creates best, it looks at who needs it in the marketplace, where they rank in terms of others doing the same service, how they do it better than their competition, and proof that they are the only ones who can do it at the level they provide. A Brand positioning statement looks at how the company’s branding and products fit into their overall marketing strategy.

A Branding and Brand Building Services Firm is designed to help small businesses and organizations differentiate themselves in their markets, describe who they are, what they do, how they do it better than the competition, and most importantly how they do it better than anyone else can. A good branding firm helps that brand grow, making sure its message is believed by customers in the marketplace. A few steps to writing the best Brand Positioning Statement include the following:

1. Identify the key place and position of your organization in the market.
2. Define who you want your branding and message to reach.
3. Prioritize which customers you want to reach, and why.
4. List how you do those things better than anyone else, and why that matters to your customers.
5. List how your competition is failing to meet customer needs, and why you are the only solution. This includes things like price, quality, technology, experience, service level agreements, warranty and guarantees.

We can help you find your Brand Identity, develop your branding or work on rebranding. Our team will create an appropriate brand identity for you based on our research that identifies the characteristics that best describe who you are and what you do. We look forward to working with you and to creating the best brand possible for you and your company!

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