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Hypno creates traditional print design, graphic design and marketing for our clients. Contact us if you are ready to discuss your ideas, and how we can help market you, your company, or organization.

Below are just a few samples of our print design and graphic design work that Hypno has created for various clients and products. Click on each one to view more detail. Then read further below about the kind of print design services we offer.



We create traditional print marketing, graphic design, print design and more for our clients in the Philadelphia/South Jersey region. Our print design works includes:

• Publication Design
• Annual Report Graphic Design
• Magazine and Newspaper Advertising Design
• Logo Design
• Poster Design
• Outdoor Advertising Design
• Corporate Identity Design
• Brochure Design
• Wayfinding Graphic Design
• Business Card Design
• Postcard Design
• Print Ad Design
• Brochure & Book Marketing Designs
• Direct Mail Design and Promotion
• Stationery Marketing Campaigns & Strategic Marketing Ideas
• Flyer and Direct Mail Graphic Designs
• Trade Show Graphics
• Full-Color Restaurant Signage
• Promotional Items

Hypno has produced large annual publication designs with over 100 pages of content for prestigious organizations, as well as annual reports, and quarterly magazines. We design custom print marketing and superior creative for large organizations.

Philadelphia area businesses and non-profits alike have come to rely on Hypno for creating high-quality print design work to help market their services better. We have offered strategic print marketing ideas with full-color concepts and strong, creative ideas for their marketing or print communications. In addition to our print design services, Hypno produces custom digital marketing and multimedia services for a range of clients. We often pair a digital component with a print component to help our clients when it is strategically called for.

Examples of digital content that we might pair with a print marketing idea include:
• A Web Landing Page
• Infographic Design
• Online Contests or Surveys
• Social Media Campaigns and Marketing Strategies
• Email Campaigns and Reminders
• Web Video Production & Videography (Video Sneak Peeks)
• Interactive Digital Display Design, including large-scale LED display boards
• Custom Digital Newsletters

But what is traditional print marketing?
Traditional print marketing is the use of printing, writing, and images to promote a product or service. It involves designing for spaces where printed material can be displayed. Some examples are magazine advertising, brochures and catalogs, advertising in newspapers and on billboards, the design of posters and book covers. Traditional print marketing often involves targeted magazines in a particular niche or geographic area.

Reasons that traditional print marketing isn’t going away anytime soon:
1. It’s still a great way for businesses to get attention from their audience.
2. People have been doing it for hundreds of years and so it’s familiar.
3. People still like the feeling of print, holding paper in their hands.
4. It can be tremendously cost effective for targeting a specific niche or group
5. It can be more effective than digital media in some cases because it is more tangible
6. It’s easy to control the message, e.g. it’s harder for an ad on a billboard to change than it is for a website
7. There are many options and ways to save on costs, based on size and types of media used.
8. It can be used creatively to make a strong impact, where digital falls flat.

What is Guerilla Marketing?
Making use of unconventional methods, that are low in cost, to spread the word about your business, event, cause, of product. Guerrilla marketing is different from traditional marketing in that it doesn’t rely on advertising alone, but rather uses unconventional methods of delivering a product message to consumers. Guerilla marketers follow trends and fads that are already present in a culture or subculture. The element of surprise and unexpected delight are strong components of guerilla marketing.

Poster Design as an Art Form
Posters have played a very strong role in advertising and creating awareness for businesses and companies since the early 19th century. Posters themselves have become an art form, and some are collected by art collectors for enjoyment and profit. There are many types of art posters. They can be classified according to the type of poster being created: concert posters, movie posters/one sheets, rock posters (music), movie posters (movies), travel posters, political posters and propaganda posters. Poster print design is an important part of the graphic design industry since it attracts people to buy a product or service through its appearance in the public eye. We enjoy poster projects because it gives us a pure visual mode of expression and presents a great challenge to create something unique, strong, and captivating.

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