Explainer Video Production

Explainer videos are designed and produced to demonstrate or explain what a company or organization does, or wants to do. These are some examples of explainer videos that were written, animated, produced and edited by Hypno. These explainer videos are commonly used on websites, to help explain concepts and ideas in a quick eye-catching way – sometimes on the homepage where someone first visits. But they may also work as something to drive email marketing toward, that also help drive an action like a donation or signup. View some more of our explainer videos and animated video production work below and contact us if you are ready for something unique and compelling for your own explainer-video needs.

Video Animation for Biotech Pharmaceutical

Video Animation for Biotech Pharmaceutical

home  |  video portfolio    This video was shot and produced  to demonstrate a unique vaccination development technology and the difference between this technology in a time-based frame of reference, and how other vaccine manufacturers make their vaccines....

Explainer Video Production for Financial Advisor

Explainer Video Production for Financial Advisor

home  |  video portfolio    This explainer video was designed and produced  to demonstrate the difference that having a certified financial planner in your corner can provide for conserving your wealth. Animated and produced and edited at Hypno, this explainer...

Explainer Video Animation for Insurance Company

Explainer Video Animation for Insurance Company

home  |  video portfolio    This explainer video was designed and produced  for Millville Insurance to explain their special coverage options and was used on the client's website, to explain how they do what they do in a short and concise way.  View more of our...

Explainer Video Production for Hypno

Explainer Video Production for Hypno

home  |  video production portfolio  |  explainer video production   This explainer video was designed and produced  to demonstrate Hypno's own capabilities and services as well as our work ethic and values. Animated and produced and edited at Hypno, this...

MFS Annual Fund Video Animation

MFS Annual Fund Video Animation

home  |  video portfolio    This fundraising piece for MFS is an animation that was created to send to parents, and alumni and others to ask them support the Moorestown Friends School Annual Giving fund. This attractive motion graphics video also included work...

Explainer Videos that Make the Complex Simple to Understand

Explainer videos perform an important service for any company because they are a very quick and effective way to get your message across. They can be made in just a few days and usually are very affordable, as no film crew is needed. A company like Hypno can do the work of a larger film studio to produce compelling informational videos that compliment a website’s design. If you don’t already have a website, or you lack any animation skills yourself, this can be a helpful way of making your website stand out from the others. View some more examples of explainer videos we have done on this page for some of our other clients.

Animation and Motion Graphics that Rock

Ok, I’ve used “animation” and “motion graphics” without context. What is animation? Animation is when an image moves and changes to form a series of images that are connected seamlessly to trick the eye into thinking it is natural movement. The animations we create for our clients are not all the same either. We have done everything from very simple vector-based “cartoon” type animations to 3D animated elements in full video productions with using highly detailed 3D models and renders, with complex motion graphics, transitional effects, and more. Most of our animations are simple but most importantly eye-catching, compelling and able to make a strong and memorable impression on a viewer once they’ve seen them.

Scripting and Storyboarding

From script to storyboard, to motion graphics and exciting video, Hypno can take your idea, and make it a reality with the power and magic of moving images. With animation, you can take your idea and bring it to life with stunning visuals. It’s a fun process of brainstorming and storyboarding, scripting and brainstorming. We have the experience to help you from conception to completion on creating the perfect explainer video.

The animation for your explainer video can come from a variety of sources as well. We have created concept art, storyboards, character designs and website designs all in-house at Hypno for our clients.

The Finishing Touch – A Voice that Tells Your Story

Professional voiceovers are also available and quite affordable and easy to implement on explainer videos to speak the narration to your concept, service or product. You’ll sound great and very professional to your audience. All at an affordable price.

“Incredibly well done… it exceeded my expectations.” – Steve Z.


“Extremely professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend Hypno.” – Jen R.


“I couldn’t have imagined a better end result than the explainer video you created for our website – thank you so much!” – Jeff S.


“These are the creative geniuses you should hire.” – Rich M.


If you’re ready to talk more with us about your unique explainer video needs, or if you want to view examples of our past work, please contact us and let’s get started.

Your Happy Hypno Team.

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