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Bold graphic design and just the right balance of creative visual solutions with business knowledge to help you grow your brand. We’re a top graphic design agency in New Jersey looking for clients like you, to help your business blast off. 

Suggestion; the process by which a physical or mental state is influenced by a thought or idea. The ability to change minds, to produce a desired response. 

Hypno was started because we believe in the power of suggestion. Everything we create is designed to be evocative, to attract audiences around the world, and to entice people to your brand. Whether it’s powerful logo design, modern digital marketing and advertising, or even traditional print advertising, Hypno specializes in creative and powerfully suggestive graphic design. Our design is meant to provoke a desired response, and elicit a positive reaction.

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Cutting Edge Graphic Design Agency in New Jersey

Hypno creates design solutions that are progressive, bold, and sometimes a little in-your-face. We’re proud of our roots as graphic designers and we’re always open to exploring new media, new ideas, trends, and other inspiration that help us find the unexpected solution.

We believe our role as graphic designers requires a great level of care and attention to detail as well as focused customer service that few other graphic design agencies can match. Our designs are influential and specific, but never pretentious or frivolous, and Hypno always strives to understand our client’s objectives and goals. We dive deep into understanding the brands we work with. And we help build brands that have strength, meaning and that resonate with their audiences.

Supercharged design to power your brand’s message

No two brands are alike, at least they shouldn’t be. That’s why we make every effort to dive in deep, and understand your brand, and work with you and your staff, to understand and help craft your message. This is all to make sure that we can properly represent your brand with our powerful design. 

Whether you’re a brand-new startup looking to get off the ground or an established company looking to rebrand, you can have absolute faith in our ability to carry your message through our graphic design, to deliver clear and focused results. It’s what we do!

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Challenge your competition (and win) with a graphic design makeover

We’ve worked with many businesses that have struggled to make a name for themselves. There are no easy industries and regardless of what your business sells or provides, you’re going to have a lot of strong and well-established competition to compete against. Today’s most successful businesses wins with superior design. All you have to do is think about the brands you use every day, and love so much. Their brand power is in their superior design. Think Apple, Starbucks, Target, Hello Fresh, Disney, Sony, Netflix, and more – the list goes on and on – these brands make heavy use of design, and are loved and regarded some of the best brands in the world because of the power of design. They also have tremendous budgets, and teams of hundreds in their marketing and branding departments guiding their design and brand. How does a small business even compete in this world?

That’s where Hypno comes in.

A graphic design makeover is more powerful than you might think. Branding is everything these days and without the right approach, your business will find it incredibly difficult to make any progress gaining recognition and gaining new business. After all, your goal is to become the center of attention – and to divert the gaze of the audience away from the established brands in your industry so your target customer can focus on you instead. Once you’ve broken through the clutter of the competitive market, and have piqued their interest, holding their attention is the next difficult task. Hypno creates bold, striking, influential and inspiring graphic design, with purpose and with reason. We help make your job easier. We build better brands and help companies keep their customers happy, and fixated on their brands – keeping them away from competitors.

We help you challenge your marketplace, and win.

Hypno is the “secret sauce” behind your brand

Like every hero needs a trustworthy sidekick, your brand needs a super creative graphic design agency at its side. 

Graphic design drives a large majority of website traffic these days. Statistics show that 94% of users will leave a website if it has poor graphic design. That should give you a very good idea of just how important it is to have strong, suggestive, and innovative graphic design for your brand. If you don’t make a good first impression, your brand won’t be taken seriously and may even raise red flags in the some of the minds of your audience.

Graphic design agencies are usually overlooked when it comes to starting a new business or rebranding. Some brands think they can’t afford a graphic designer, and others may take the responsibility into their own hands. In reality, graphic design agencies should be considered an investment much like anything else for your business and brand. With the right partnership with a high quality graphic designer, your brand can grow, evolve, and then be propelled further than ever, reaching a wider audience with supercharged graphic design that captivates audiences with your branding messages. The power of good design is at your command. Use it for good. The good of your brand. 

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Digital marketing or traditional print marketing? Why not both?

Don’t force yourself to decide between advertising and promoting your brand via digital or traditional channels. With Hypno, you can take advantage of both. If you hire a “web designer” first, to get your brand online, you may have have just jumped the gun. They won’t have experience in the traditional print marketing world like a graphic designer can provide. A full service marketing agency like Hypno can provide everything you need, for now and well into the future. Hypno creates everything, from companying naming projects for startups and products, to logo design, signage design, print collateral like business cards and letterhead, brochures, and catalogs, to website design, social media design and digital marketing campaigns, to email newsletter marketing and video and animation production, and more. Hypno’s got you covered for every single thing you could need to build your brand, and market your services, products, business or organization.

Magazine graphic design

We understand that businesses in and around New Jersey can often struggle with traditional marketing and advertising. Whether just starting out or already very well established, finding innovative graphic design to help grow your brand can be challenging. With Hypno, you can rest assured knowing that all of your graphic design needs will be met with focused creativity.

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As an established design agency with over 25 years of experience, our services go far beyond traditional print marketing of course; we are experts in digital graphic design. Whether you’re looking for a great website, help with social media campaigns, or other multimedia projects, you can trust in our ability to help you with great design and outstanding graphics that are representative of your brand and your message.

Not sure how to start your projects? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and we’d be glad to help you.

Branding for New Jersey companies

Consistent design to grow brand recognition and increase your bottom line

It’s easy to get lost in all of the many things you need to concentrate on to grow your business. If you’re a large corporation or have multiple divisions within your business, Hypno is more than happy to help you link them together with consistent graphic design and brand consistency, that will enhance both your recognition and your revenue. If you’re looking for the tangible benefits of innovative graphic design, then Hypno can deliver measurable results that will raise your bottom line.

People love recognizable brands that resonate with them on a personal, emotional level. They also want to trust a business or brand that they deal with, and they want to know that the business has an outstanding reputation. With consistent branding, you not only give your audience peace of mind, but you make it easy for them to recognize your brand on various products, websites, services, and even on social media and beyond.

Hypno helps businesses and organizations solve the challenge of heaving a disjointed appearance, by creating consistent graphic design that links every element of a business or organization together. Our cohesive brand makeovers and branding projects have helped dozens of companies solidify their brands and better market themselves. Hypno builds better brands.

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Graphic design is our forte, so let us assist you with your design-related needs. Whether it involves website design, wayfinding graphics, traditional print advertising, outdoor banners, multimedia projects, direct mail, or even magazines, we do just about everything imaginable that is related to graphic design.

Not sure what you want or need? No problem! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more about our services and to see how we can help your business reach greater heights. Just contact us now to start working with one of the finest graphic design agencies in New Jersey today. You’ll be happy you did!

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Why Should You Trust Hypno Design?

We only work with clients who we consider capable of becoming long term partners with us, creating relationships that last for decades. We are not a one-and-done kind of design agency. Hypno Design has provided clients in New Jersey with superior graphic design services since 1994. We still have clients that we started working with when we opened up shop, as bright eyed young designers. As a leading graphic design agency in New Jersey, Hypno is an established and highly trusted creative partner with vast experience and success in marketing and graphic design services. With Hypno – everything we do for you is personal. Our clients work directly with the principal owners of Hypno. We don’t have account executives who don’t understand what they’re talking about. There’s nothing lost in translation between our clients and us. We work directly with our clients in several industries and niches, including but not limited to:

  • Education
  • Startups and Entrepreneurs
  • Technology
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Music and Entertainment
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • ECommerce Only Businesses

What should I expect when I work with Hypno?

The highest ethical standards, and respect for others guides our business philosophy. We’re a passionate and friendly team of graphic designers with over 50 years of combined marketing know-how. We’re also highly motivated by turning each client’s dreams into reality and surpassing their expectations with delight. We strive to make our clients happy.

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