Hypno Design’s clients are 100% satisfied!

We must be doing something right after 25 years of being in business. Hypno sent a survey questionnaire to our clients asking them to rate our services, quality, value and creativity. 42 of our clients responded, and 42 out of 42 people expressed 100% satisfaction in answering the question “How satisfied overall with Hypno Design are you?”

12.5% of those who responded said that they were “satisfied” and 87.5% said they were very satisfied. The full results of our survey are being sent to our clients, but another statistic we would like to share with you regards the pricing of our work, and the value our clients told us that they receive. 


100% Satisfaction

The Pricing of Our Work

  • Inexpensive 13.5% 13.5%
  • Average 64.9% 64.9%
  • A bit high 21.6% 21.6%
  • Expensive 0% 0%
  • did not reply 11% 11%

78.4% of our clients told us our pricing was inexpensive to average, while 91.8% said the value of our work was “good or great.” Not one of our clients said our pricing was expensive, and no clients rated the value of our work as “poor.”

100% Overall Satisfaction
  • Satisfied 12.5% 12.5%
  • Very Satisfied 87.5% 87.5%

And lastly, one of our clients was kind enough to leave a heartfelt note, that made us all very happy to read:


The personal service, quality of work and overall passion for giving customers what they want sets Hypno apart from any company we have ever dealt with. We can’t say enough how important it is to not only get value for your money, but to work with a company that prides itself on your success. Hypno’s sincere ability to put their selves inside the job as if it was their own, adds a value that can’t be explained in dollars.

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