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We are fortunate to work with some great people, in many diverse and interesting industries. They are among the best at doing what they do, and we are thrilled to be working alongside of them, to help their business, and organizations succeed.

Hear what some of our web design clients and logo design clients have to say about Hypno and the services we offer:

About six years ago, our company was in desperate need of a new identity, and a new, highly effective web presence.  We spent months interviewing a variety of web design firms, only to be disappointed by each proposal – I was surprised and disappointed by the lack of clarity, the lack of creativity, and the lack of willingness to invest the time to really understand our business.  Fortunately, before making a selection based on choosing the best of the worst, we found Hypno.  Read Full Testimonial in our Case Study.

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Chris Rapacki

President, CEO, Injection Works

Hypno brought a unique perspective to our business and drove us to think differently about our brand. Their passion, creativity, and follow-through helped us launch new initiatives and refresh old ones, which has had a direct impact on our bottom line. More importantly, however, is the trust and friendship that come with working with such great people like Richard and Alison.

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Also in: New Jersey Web Design

Matt Riggins

Marketing Director, Riggins Oil

Branding is essential to our business.  I only trust Hypno to help us communicate and market our values and services to our clients.  Richard and his team are innovative, easy to work with, and deliver above and beyond expectations consistently.

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Jennine Rexon

President, CEO, Rex Direct Inc.

Hypno makes me happy as Richard is a joy to work with. I like Hypno Design’s creativity and affordability!

Elena also writes: What makes Elena happy? — the simple things in life! Helping a blind man pay his T-Mobile bill, saying farewell to the crossing guard on her retirement day after 35 years of service, standing so close to an Icelandic geyser & shouting with joy at the natural beauty of it!

Elena Brennan of Vox Medica:

Account Manager, VoxMedica

When I first met Richard and Alison seventeen years ago, I was amazed at their creativity and, as a key part in our new business presentations for the agency where I worked at the time, they were always happy to roll up their sleeves and help us offer innovative ideas and that separated us from our competitors. As a marketing consultant, I couldn’t be happier to have the Hypno team’s brainpower, strategic thinking and creativity for all types of projects – from web design and development to logos to collateral and print advertising.

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Marci Foster

Owner, Creative Spark

Hypno IS happy! I remember the first time I met Team Hypno… they showed up at a Y100 Feztival with gigantic and ornate fezzes. Nothing is more happy than giant fezzes! Then we hired them – they designed our iconic logo, many many t-shirts, posters (including our very happy Band-on-can Feastival posters), and much of our brand work for over 5 years. When Y100 went away and we started up, Hypno pitched in with an incredibly versatile and user friendly philly web design that never ceases to amaze our friends and listeners. And THAT makes me very very happy, indeed.

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Jim McGuinn

Program Director, KCMP The Current

Hypno did a fantastic job designing our new website which included videos, animation, charts and much more that they produced.  We had a very short window in which to complete the project and they kept us on schedule and we launched on time. Their creativity and drive to satisfy the needs of their clients comes through in everything they do, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them!

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Christine Mayer

Vice President of Business Development, VaxInnate

Timberlane Woodcrafters has been working with Hypno for years now, as our lead Philadelphia website design agency, and our experience has been terrific. The relationship has developed into more of a long-term partnership than the typical client-vendor arrangement. Hypno Design’s responsiveness is unmatched and the quality of their web design and programming work is of the highest caliber. Whatever our request, whether it’s designing a simple banner ad, developing a creative email marketing campaign or executing large-scale projects like integrating our website with our customer database, Hypno has consistently exceeded our expectations.

Duncan Lauder

Marketing Director, Timberlane Woodcrafters

Hypno Design really made me HAPPY first by their quick response, then accepting to work with me and my budget, then their professional tips and just plain old good service! Thanks again for the great website and I look forward to continue doing business with Hypno Design!

Selina Hall

Owner, 8tree Design

Feeling like someone has your back. Knowing it’s about more than the money you pay them. Believing they’re always there for you. These are the things that make me happy. Happy to have had Hypno Design come into my life.

Dudley Fitzpatrick

CEO, Chief Creative Officer, A Wider Lens

100-percent-web-design-client-satisfactionRead more about Hypno’s survey of 42 of our clients, and see how they are 100% Satisfied with our work and service. Check out what they said about our pricing and our value (hint – it’s all good). Click to read Client Survey Report

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