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Vaxinnate Bio Pharma Website Design

Hypno completed the website design and programming for VaxInnate. The website features video and information motion graphics that were also produced by hypno design. VaxInnate, a privately-held biotechnology company located in Cranbury, NJ, is pioneering breakthrough technology that involves genetically fusing vaccine antigens to the bacterial protein flagellin, a potent stimulator of the innate immune system. Hypno produced a 3 minute video highlighting the company and its technologies, as well as a 1 minute motion graphics piece demonstrating the advantages of VaxInnate’s technology over traditional egg-based vaccine production. When working with bio companies or pharmaceutical companies as clients, we are always fascinated by the process they all have in place in their businesses or organizations. Because they are highly process oriented and also highly organized we tend to work very well with them because we are also highly process focused ourselves. It is a pleasure doing business with clients when business is running smoothly.

Over the years we have worked with a large number of pharmaceutical companies, healthcare companies , as well bio companies. From start ups to well established fortune 500 companies our experience in working to help these companies succeed with their online marketing goes back 25 years. We invite you to learn more by getting in touch with us.




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