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PPC – Pay Per Click – Search Engine Advertising : What is it?

PPC (pay-per-click) or pay per click services are one of the most popular ways to advertise on Google, Yahoo and other search engines on the internet. A PPC campaign generally involves setting a daily budget for your advertising campaign, selecting which key words you want your ads to be associated with and then monitoring the number of clicks your ad is receiving.

Advertising around chosen keywords on the world’s busiest and most visited network can bring instant traffic, leads and sales to your website. Google ads make sense for companies looking to get an instant boost in traffic and sales.

Whether you’re targeting a local, national or international audience, the digital marketing experts at Hypno will guide you through the digital advertising process step-by-step. We’ll explore your objectives and goals in detail to develop a strategy that targets your specific needs.

Pay per click is one of the most affordable digital advertising options for promoting your business or service on Google®, Bing™ and Yahoo®. Start with an affordable keyword budget and scale up as needed as your PPC campaign continues to grow.

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According to Wordstream in 2020
Ads placed on Google Display Network
were seen by up to 90% of internet users.

That’s quite a stronghold. 60% of online businesses advertise on search engines. It’s no wonder! With a well designed advertising campaign, based on strong keyword planning, and great landing page design, our clients enjoy seeing their PPC programs become a steady stream of visitors for their websites. Whether you are a small startup company or a multi-national corporation with an international reach, Hypno is the company to bring your PPC dream program to reality.

PPC vs. SEO: Which marketing approach is best for your company?

Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC)  are two digital marketing strategies that can work together to help your business grow. They aren’t mutually exclusive and most companies will start with one to begin growing their audience online. And then realize that using both will increase traffic even more.

While both aim to bring traffic to your site from a search engine, SEO takes a long time and is not always a guarantee for top placement in search; PPC is about getting the most people clicking to go to your website, for your products or services regardless of whether they have heard of you before, and can work quickly to drive traffic and increase sales, or signups.

Does PPC replace SEO?

No. PPC is not a substitute for SEO, but rather an addition to it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still the best way to get free traffic to your website. However, PPC can be very effective in creating a steady stream of targeted traffic and leads for your company’s website. PPC is also called Search Engine Marketing (SEM). So sometimes you may see SEM vs. SEO comparisons when researching online marketing.

PPC Pay Per Click Marketing Services

Hypno specializes in Pay Per Click marketing services. We focus on creating strong keyword campaigns and developing intelligent landing pages that turn website visitors into website conversions for our clients. PPC is based on an auction of keywords, where you compete with other organization vying for top position. Pay per click and has become one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to websites, with immediate results. Where SEO can take months to implement and gain traction, PPC can be up and running and can turn on traffic instantly. This type of advertising will help companies get noticed by customers searching for specific products or services, and it allows them to achieve a higher ranking in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. Since PPC ads appear above normal organic search results on the search engine results pages (SERPs), this means an advertiser can get top billing above a website that has been growing in popularity for many years.

PPC – Search engine marketing has proven itself so profitable for the advertising companies, that it’s created one of the largest corporations in the world, with a market value of over $985,000,000,000 –  that’s within one percent of a Trillion Dollar threshold! That company is, of course, Google. Don’t you wish you had bought Google stock in the summer of 2004, for $85 a share? Today it’s worth about $2,302 a share.

You ad on google can be seen by millions of people.

How does Pay Per Click work?

Also called “Paid Search” a good PPC program starts with the online searcher in mind. First, you must identify potential keywords and key phrases that will attract these customers searching for what you offer. Keyword research also involves investigating what keywords your competitors are using. It is important to note that the more specific you are in your keyword research, the better. For example, if you are a Philadelphia dentist, it might be wise to target keywords such as ‘orthodontist Philadelphia’, ‘Philadelphia dentist’, and ‘dentist Philadelphia’ to increase your ranking in these key phrases. People search in a multitude of ways. Next, you need a landing page that can convert customers into leads and sales. Web design plays an important role in capturing customer inquiries and turning them into paying customers. Next, brainstorm the best possible original ad text, based around the keywords or key phrases you are competing for. Ad text needs to be compelling enough to draw people into clicking on your ad. The good news is that you can quickly see which ads work well and which ones do not, and the ones that are making people click can be used to create duplicate ads to tweak, and refine.

Writing the best PPC ads to convert visitors into paying customers

PPC ads are different from other forms of advertising. To get the most out of your PPC campaign, you need to write compelling ad copy that will instantly attract people searching for what you offer. Good ad program copy will have three elements:
1. Strong keyword focus
2. A strong call to action
3. Relevant content on the landing page
Good and relevant content should be used on all PPC ads. This means that when a visitor clicks on your ad, the page they land on will be perfectly relevant to the keyword they searched for in the first place. You don’t just want to send them to your homepage. Unless that homepage is a perfect match for the keyword ad they just clicked on. There’s an art to the keyword – to ad – to landing page triangle, that creates the most conversions.

Ad copy should contain (and show an understanding of) the most relevant keywords or key phrases that a respondent will type into a search engine and use to find your website. Edit your ad text regularly to make sure it is staying relevant to the terms you want to be found for. This can easily be A-B tested for ongoing improvement and fine tuning.

What should my budget be for PPC?

We get this question a lot. The short answer is as much as you are willing to spend. However, the more money you budget for a PPC campaign, the more traffic and sales your site will receive. It is always recommended that larger budgets are used for higher pay per click ads. PPC advertising is often thought of as a small budget marketing method, however it can be more effective when made part of an overall integrated marketing plan and strategy. You do have a marketing plan and strategy – right?

Isn’t all this keyword research and ad management time consuming?

Yes, it is. But it is also well worth the effort. It takes time to write good ad copy, and it takes time to implement an effective PPC campaign. However, with a high quality PPC management system in place, being run by an expert in online marketing, you can have great results within a few days of launching your ad campaign.

How will I know if my keyword advertising campaign is successful and worth the investment?

The good news is that PPC is one of the most measurable and data-rich sources of advertising ever invented. As you run your PPC campaign, the statistics are monitored in real time. Using these statistics, you can determine what is working and what isn’t. You can also see which keywords are bringing you the best results and tweak your ad text to make sure it is remaining relevant to what people are searching for. Campaigns typically see a spike of advertising success at first, then a period of decline as budgets wind down or competition increases. The combined flexibility of keyword management, ads management, and budget management, allows for quick pivoting to improve the results and show the best return on investment.

Can’t I just wait for my website to rank itself organically?

That depends. How much time do you have? Google and other major search engines place huge value on websites that are well optimized for a particular industry. This is why many businesses hire an SEO professional to help them rank higher in search engines. There is no guarantee a business’s website will ever rank highly enough to be seen by search engine users on its own merits. And even the most popular websites use PPC as a surefire way of boosting their results for specific keywords or phrases that are high value to them.

Aren’t keywords sometimes expensive?

If you’re a lawyer in Las Vegas, who specializes in casino clients, or posting bail for their owners, your PPC budget might be very high indeed. Fortunately for the average business looking to advertise on search engines, the cost per click is not as high as these search terms, where “business services” tops the chart at $58.64 per click.


Source Statista.com

Keyword costs really depend upon which industry you’re in, and the relative competitiveness for keywords there, but most businesses can expect to spend a dollar or less per click. Some other industries where keywords get expensive include: Rehabilitation, Psychics, Medical, Plumbing, and Pest Control.

Advertisers in these industries are happy to pay for your click however, to help take care of your problems, because the “cost of their cure” makes it worth the cost of your click. Think about it. What’s the lifetime value of a customer to your business? If it costs $5 per click on a keyword to make a $50 sale on your website, is that worth the investment. What if the customer buys from you every month ($600 a year)? What if they become a lifelong customer? That was a good $5 spent. What if you’re a university, where the average tuition of $45,000 per year? There’s a simple formula to see if your PPC program is adding up:

Average Profit per Sale – Cost Per Click = Return on Investment.

If you’re making more money with online ads than you are spending, then your PPC campaign is returning a profit. If not, then maybe it’s time to reevaluate your keywords and landing pages, and even what you’re offering. The trick is being creative with keywords to get the best ROI possible. Having the right keywords in place can be the difference between a profitable campaign, or one that doesn’t even come close to paying for itself.

But I’m worried my PPC spending will get out of hand

Relax, you have great control. To combat this, PPC advertisers set a daily budget for their campaigns, limiting the amount they are willing to spend on advertising. This budget system can be a great way to prevent advertisers from burning through funds and damaging their business. You can control a maximum daily limit, as well as a maximum bid for each keyword. There are many ways to control and monitor your budget, and keep a tight hold on your spend. You can also let an agency control that based on the parameters you tell them.

Is Google Ads my only option?

You can also choose to advertise your services directly in Facebook, using their PPC platform’s internal search and targeting systems. This is great for specific demographics and interests targeting, and can be quite affordable too. You don’t have to ever use the external search engines; you can use Facebook’s own algorithms for targeting ads. The detailed level of targeting is really quite astounding.

What do I need to get started with Hypno for my PPC?

To get started we need to know what your business model is, who your target market is, and what keywords or key phrases you think will attract people to what you have to offer. We work with you to establish this based on your input, and our research. Then we create ads, copywriting, and only bid on what we think will work for you. And it can all be up and running in just a matter of days.

Do you have any examples of PPC marketing successes?

Yes, and we would be happy to set up a quote for you, based on the kind of results you want. To show you some examples of success we’ve had in the past (and can help us achieve in the future), please include some keywords that relate to your business. Then we can determine which PPC campaigns are best for your company or organization. And we can refer you to other clients who have had success with us.

Are there customers I can speak with for a referral?

Yes, we have some customers we thought you might want to know about. They have been very happy with our PPC advertising results, and we would be happy to connect you with some who have offered to discuss our services with you.

What happens if my PPC campaign doesn’t work out?

You can always try a differently targeted ad campaign, or try another ad marketplace, or change your keywords or targeting. If we can’t make it work for you, then we can offer you other suggestions for improving your marketing ROI, since we are a full-service digital marketing agency. We can assist with everything you need to market your business or organization. Both online and off.

Can I start working with you guys now?

Contact us to set up a meeting, so we can discuss your needs. We’d be more than happy to assist you in getting your PPC campaign started, running, and bringing in new traffic to your website.

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