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Hypno has been helping build better brands since the early 90’s when we opened shop and started working for Philadelphia brands that needed our help. By understanding our client’s business, and getting into the mindset and psychology of their customers, we are better equipped to help our clients expand their brands and their brand loyalty with the people who matter most to them. As a branding company, Hypno has developed a process for building better brands that makes sense, and makes our clients happy with the results. We Build Better Brands.¬†It’s never an instant process, but there are quick ways to score some early success. It starts with extensive research and diving in to data and collected wisdom from our clients and their customers. There’s a period of introspection for the company or organization we are seeking to help as we determine what it is that makes them unique for their market, and how they do it better than anyone else. This phase often helps define a company’s strength and weaknesses, and usually also has an impact on their own strategy for growth and their definition of success. In designing a logo for a new brand, there are so many possibilities. And we strive to create a brand that can grow, evolve and become a leading brand, that matters to people. We invite you to become a better branding client – contact us today to discuss your brand.

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