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If you’re looking for a website design company we would love to work with you. We’ll personally handle every detail of your website design or logo design and branding project. We’re here for you every step of the way whether you need a simple site or are interested in our ability to create custom websites. We’ve helped our clients succeed since 1994. As a Philadelphia web design agency leading the way for over 25 years, we can help you take your marketing to the next level and beyond.  Talk with us now  and you’ll be happy you did! Get Hypno. Get happy!

Philadelphia Website Design

Web Design

Learn more about our award winning website development work. We have created and crafted hundreds of websites for clients ranging from those needing a small business web design to eCommerce web design, and those needing education websites, to healthcare web design for our clients. See why we are a Top Philadelphia Website Design agency – check out our portfolio.

Philadelphia Logo Design

Philadelphia Logo Design

With over 25 years experience as branding agency consultants we craft a new logo design and corporate identity package starting with initial consultation with you, so we learn all about your goals and dreams for your new business, product, or organization. View our work to see why we are the top Philadelphia Logo Design company who should design your new logo and develop your brand.

Philadelphia Video and Motion Graphics

Video Production & Motion Graphics

If a picture tells a thousand words, a well produced video or motion graphics video can tell the whole story. We shoot custom video productions, to tell your story. Learn more about our corporate video production services, and how Hypno can write the script, storyboard, shoot, edit, and post, and add motion graphics. We excel in Explainer Video Production too.

hypno web designWhy Choose Hypno for your project?

We make people happy. Sometimes this is the first thing we make, sometimes it’s the last. Regardless of the project, our client’s happiness is the goal. Located just outside of Philadelphia, PA, Hypno services the Southern New Jersey and Philly area markets.

Philadelphia Web Design clients agree that Hypno’s the best

If you’re looking for the best full service website design and development firm in the Philadelphia SJ area, you’ve come to the right place. Some of our clients have been using our web design services for over 25 years, and there’s a strong reason they keep coming back to us. The owners of Hypno personally oversee and work on all the projects we take on. We care about the success of our clients and will go to great lengths to see them happy with the results of our work.

Are you looking for the best Digital Marketing Agency in New Jersey?

Hypno is a trusted digital marketing agency that has been in business delivering superior results, backed by best practices and ethical solutions, for our digital marketing agency clients.

View some of our New Jersey Web Design projects.

We create compelling and engaging websites for New Jersey companies and organizations who are not only looking to expand their marketing and success in their marketplace but are looking to present themselves with a cohesive brand for everything that they do. One of the advantages for working with us is that we look at everything a company is doing to market themselves, or advertise, and by everything we mean every last tiny little detail. It’s a cohesive look at everything a company can do to better brand themselves. It may start with a logo, and with our graphic designers working through many examples to present to a client, to finally get it to the exactly right logo to build their brand with. We’ve created many lasting and memorable logos and corporate identities for many of our clients. As a Philadelphia graphic design company, we have been creating exciting, memorable, and strong branding projects for our clients since the early 90’s.

Website redesign projects and brand examination:

If the website needs a redesign, we are going to be interested to look at the existing traffic patterns in Google Analytics, and see what equity exists for some of the content on the website; and we will work closely with the client to understand their goals for new content and explore all options with them for adding other interactive and sticky content to the website to help them gain traffic, exposure, shares, and interest. We also examine all the print collateral and non-web marketing materials you may need, and will provide creative work to bring these in-line with the company’s overall branding and brand strategy. Yes we are going to help with brand strategy as well! And in looking at every detail – this goes all the way down to business cards, letterhead, and identity materials, to signage, wayfinding graphics, and vehicle wraps and vehicle graphic design. We may also help extend the brand to social media, and create exciting and engaging video and motion graphics to help grab audience attention and interaction for our clients as well. As a leader in Philadelphia web design you can trust Hypno to do it right.

Information Architecture that makes sense

We are Information Architects as well as seasoned website experts. Our process for information architecture follows a few simple steps and always produces great results for our clients:

  • Meet with client to understand strategy, objectives and their wishes
  • Analyze and map the existing website with a flowchart and traffic patterns noted (if a redesign)
  • Analyze competitor website structure and content, to see what we’re missing
  • Create a proposed content and structure outline and flowchart for the new website
  • Write up a “logical user flow” for each desired main user of the website, so we have a clear understanding of their paths
  • Meet with client to present proposed content structure and site flow for approval
  • Create wireframe diagrams for the key site pages, and desired user traffic flow
  • Outline and present all options, and get approval for all “the blueprints” for the new website

After completing an Information Architecture project with us, a client has all the foundation for creating a website that matches their vision, and the best content structure that matches their customers’ needs. And best yet, from this point, designers and content writers can hit the ground running, with a great understanding of what the website needs, and how they are going to build it and create content for it to be the best it can possibly be.

Watch our explainer video:

Then you can also view more of these types of informational graphic explainer videos in our video production services and motion graphics animation portfolio.

hypno web designWhy do people hire us?

With all of the Philadelphia web design companies to choose from in the world, people who hire us are happy that they get great creativity at a fair price, from professionals who care, and who strive to fully understand their business. More importantly for many people though – by being independently owned and operated and not part of some large interactive website corporation conglomerate, our clients are also very happy that they get to work directly with the owners of our company on their web projects, and not get handed off to some fledgling account manager who’s juggling a hundred different projects. Our philosophy is that the best work comes out of a close and mutually respectful collaboration with our clients. The closer we are to fully understanding their goals and business, the better we are at our jobs. When the principals of the company you hire work with you to develop your website or create your brand, you can be certain you won’t be treated just like every other customer – you are not a number. Ask the companies you are evaluating if you will be working directly with the owners of the company on your next web project. If they say no, you’re not going to get the best attention. View some of our work in our portfolio and see why we are a leading website design company in New Jersey.

What motivates your customers?

We want to know! Our clients are always happy that we take the time to see what makes their customers tick. We’re always trying to understand the psychology of the customers who drive our client’s bottom line. We are not just taking and fulfilling orders. It’s important for us to understand why they do the things they do, what they want the most, and how it helps build business for our clients. Understanding this motivation, not only helps inform decisions during our design-process, it helps us deliver results for our clients that catapult them in their markets.

Measurable Marketing Results

As a Graphic Design Agency in New Jersey We design logos and identities (corporate logos, stationery systems and such) that make their companies stand out from their competition; websites that click with their customers because they are easy, fast and fun to use; and print design that people enjoy holding on to and more importantly enjoy responding to. Hypno Design has been creating high quality, distinctive branding, marketing materials, and websites since the early days of the web. Our talented team of art directors, web designers and web programmers make our clients very happy with measurable marketing results. We invite you to view our design portfolio of selected projects. And please contact us, when you are ready to discuss your next project! We look forward to talking with you and learning more about you and your business goals. As a leading Philadelphia Website Design Agency, we’re here to help take you to the next level.


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Web Design NJ Company Seeks Qualified Clients

We are one of the first companies to ever build websites for Southern New Jersey clients. We have provided hundreds of web design and eCommerce solutions to satisfied businesses and non-profit organizations in New Jersey. Learn more about how you may be just the right web design NJ client we are looking to work with. Learn more about why we are a Top Web Designer in New Jersey.


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Google rating for Hypno DesignVerified Google Ratings from our clients on Google, give you confidence that you’re dealing with the real deal. Hypno Design’s Google Rating is 5.0 stars, which is the highest ratings they allow reviewers to award to businesses.

We invite you to read what they have to say about their experience working with Hypno. Some of these clients are recent, and some we have been working with for over 20 years. Helping them with all kinds of marketing services and unique creative logo and branding projects.

Below you’ll see more from our clients. They’ve got a lot to say!

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Our Philadelphia web design clients as well as our New Jersey web design clients have some good things to say about Hypno.

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