How is your marketing kung fu?In today’s rapidly evolving and hyper-competitive world, good branding and consistent marketing have become more crucial than ever for real estate agents. With real estate sales on the rise and inventory dropping in recent years, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for realtors to make a lasting impression and attract new buyers and sellers in their respective markets. That’s where we come in – we’re here to level the playing field and help realtors and agents maximize their marketing and advertising budget.

Fortunately, there are many excellent tools available to real estate professionals today. In this article, we’ll discuss a few of these tools and share ways that you can improve your branding, create a high-end look without breaking the bank, and maintain consistency and style in your marketing efforts.

Why Better Branding Matters for Realtors

A strong brand can benefit you in more ways than you might think. It’s a crucial way to differentiate yourself from other real estate agents and demonstrate that you care about your image and have thoughtfully considered your marketing and communication strategies. Consistency is key as well; as people see your brand more frequently, they begin to recognize and remember it. This memorability can be incredibly valuable, as it ensures that when people need a reliable and talented realtor or real estate agent, they immediately think of you. Additionally, a strong brand can help you look more professional, setting you apart from competitors who may not prioritize their branding or marketing efforts. Ultimately, a strong brand builds trust with your audience and can help you win new business and grow your reputation.

How do you Build Trust?

A strong brand can also help improve customer loyalty. Consider a few of the brands that you love and use frequently – you’ll likely notice that trust and loyalty are major factors. For realtors, this trust from a customer is ongoing and can manifest in the form of referrals to family and friends who may need your services. Your consistent branding efforts can help reassure your customers that you are still able to provide the same high-quality service to their referrals as you did for them.

Build Your Better Brand on a Budget

While we always recommend working with a professional marketing agency, there are still ways to build a great brand on a budget. We are always happy to provide consultation and review to help anyone grow their business with better branding. For real estate agents on a budget who want to save money, there are several ways to build a strong brand while still maintaining a professional look.

Your Better Brand Begins with You!

We’re talking about the DIY approach, but with the help of resources that are already designed to make you look great and perform well in marketing your services.

There are many resources available for DIY marketing. One great resource is YouTube. We like to say that if you want to learn how to build a rocket ship, you can find it on YouTube. There are countless helpful channels and experts on almost any subject. For instance, if you search for “realtor marketing” on YouTube, you’ll find thousands of results ranging from “how to get more clients” to “the best marketing strategy for real estate”. It’s worth checking out the most-viewed videos and studying them.

You’ll also find many videos on DIY marketing for realtors using pre-made realtor templates, specifically those available on Canva. The good news is that most of these templates have been designed by professionals like ourselves. With these templates, you can upload your own photos, change some text, add your contact information, and export an image to post on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or any other platform you choose to market yourself online. Templates are also available for printed marketing items such as real estate prospecting letters, Realtor postcards, real estate door hangers, business cards, and more. These are great for realtors because it allows for greater flexibility and control over the branding process, and it can save money that can be used towards other marketing efforts. If you haven’t tried Canva, it’s free, and actually pretty fun to use. It takes a little getting used to, but it’s not a steep learning curve, and for the purposes of editing templates that are already designed well, it’s very simple to figure out.

Consistency is Key

Brands that are consistently presented are 3 to 4 times more likely to experience brand visibility.

When striving to create a better brand, one of the most important factors is consistency. You can achieve this by frequently showcasing your brand and consistently using the same branding elements, such as colors, fonts, and styles, as well as maintaining a consistent tone and message. While visual aesthetics are important, expressing your brand through a consistent voice and tone is equally vital.

Automated marketing and scheduled social media posts are great ways to maintain consistent marketing efforts. These tools allow you to schedule posts ahead of time so that your content is being shared on a regular basis. This is especially helpful for realtors who may not have the time to manually post on social media every day.

Facebook has built-in tools for scheduling posts, which means you can create posts in advance and choose the exact date and time they will be published. This feature is available for both business pages and personal profiles.

In addition to Facebook’s built-in scheduler, there are also third-party tools available like Hootsuite, Later, or Buffer. These tools allow you to schedule posts across multiple social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. By using these tools, you can plan out your content in advance, ensuring that your brand is consistently being promoted on all relevant channels.

Real Estate Marketing Templates Save Time and Money

Real estate marketing can be overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting out with social media marketing. To make it easier for non-technical, non-designers, we’ve created a suite of real estate marketing templates. These templates are available in a variety of brand colors and are designed to be easy to use and edit, so you can get started quickly without the need for technical skills. You can find our templates in our Etsy shop, and they’ll save you both time and money by eliminating the need for expensive design software or outsourcing to a graphic designer.

Our Etsy shop for marketing real estate templates for realtors

Realtor templates like these can be a game-changer for agents, saving them both time and money. If you were to hire a social media company or marketing agency to design social media posts or print marketing items like postcards, intake questionnaires, or door hangers, you could expect to pay thousands of dollars, not to mention the ongoing retainer for social media posting and management. In contrast, our templates are available at a fraction of the cost, sometimes even as low as the price of a grande vanilla latte at Starbucks. By investing in our expertly designed templates, you can have a high-quality resource that can be reused multiple times, with the flexibility to change photos and other information for your next post or printout.

real estate marketing template market report

One of the greatest advantages of using templates like these is that you don’t have to spend time and energy generating content yourself. Our real estate social media templates, for example, feature over 120 pre-designed posts on a variety of topics, including new listings, open houses, client testimonials, offers accepted, under contract, and more.

Home anniversary Instagram post

Our templates also include interactive posts, home seller and buyer tips, benchmark price posts, home anniversary posts, and many other engaging and informative options.

With such a wide range of content available, you can simply select the posts that are most relevant to your needs and start posting immediately, without having to spend hours brainstorming new content ideas.

Using Real Estate Marketing Templates Effectively

Repeating your smiling photo in these templates helps people connect a face with the name and creates a relatable human presence enhancing the personal touch. Maintain consistency by using the same photo and use both a candid photo and a professional headshot with a transparent background for added versatility and quality. Several of our templates provide a convenient space for a high-quality photo with a transparent background.

Consistency with the logos used on the templates is another key to achieving high-quality and consistent output. Using logos that match the color scheme and style of the templates is also important for maintaining a cohesive look. For example, if the template set features a blue color theme, select a logo that complements it and avoids a mismatched or discordant appearance.

Our Templates Have Earned Us Some Rave Reviews…

“These templates are gorgeous! They’ll make you look like you’ve spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your social media marketing. The templates are super easy to edit in Canva and you can add your own photos and logo. The templates include just listed, open house, just sold, market stats, and many others that will invite your potential clients to engage with you. A great package!” – Lori F.

“Beautiful design – well thought out and extremely useful. Graphics are clear/easy to read but so cool looking! Easy interface with Canva. I’m very satisfied!” – Jenny D.

You can check out our entire offering of templates for realtors (currently around 75 different templates and marketing sets and still growing) for real estate agents. We have a selection of Remax marketing templates, EXP Realty Social Media Templates, Century 21 Realtor Templates, Berkshire Hathaway Social Media Templates, Keller Williams Canva templates, and many more in our Real Estate Marketing Shop at Etsy.

Let us know what you think! And if you need any help or have any questions, just let us know!

“Strong brands command higher prices, enjoy higher market share, and have higher profits than weak brands.” – David Aaker, brand expert and author

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