A knock-out project Hypno created for our commercial print client, Qualprint.


Qualprint prints exceptional, beautiful, craftsmanlike work for top brands, educational institutions, non-profits and other companies both nationally and locally, and they needed an amazing marketing piece to send to a well curated list of prospective ad agency owners, and creative directors all across America. The campaign included personalized and customized box contents, as well as unique and creative finishing techniques showcasing their work. 

Below is a peek at what’s inside. The purpose of the mailer was to show off a few of the amazing print projects that Qualprint has produced for some of its clients. As well as explain the unique capabilities of this world-class printer. Getting to some of the people who decide the fate of marketing, advertising (and print purchasing) for major US and International brands at Major agencies across the United States, and creating a strong impression, with motivation to engage with Qualprint was the overall goal.¬†