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This logo design for a photographer uses watercolor imagery, and a loose calligraphic font to instill a sense of artistry, and beauty. The different variations on watercolor effects and types of imagery that we were using in designing this logo were plentiful. When we design logos, we will usually work through a series of sketches before we go to the computer and begin designing on the computer. In the case of this logo we ended up doing probably close to 100 pencil sketches, called thumbnail sketches, for the logo design before we even started working with color. The drawing work up front usually helps us work through a large series of ideas before we get to the color work. We love the looseness and the artistic quality of this logo for this photographer. It matched her personality, as well as her general direction for her own photography, and still was something very unique that she could use to brand herself and really separate herself from other professional photographers. If you are in photography, or the arts, and are looking for a logo design to uniquely brand yourself, give us a call.

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