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Coalition Against Hunger

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Hypno created this logo to help Coalition Against Hunger as part of CreateAthon – our 24-hour non-profit service marathon. The Coalition Against Hunger is an organization working to end hunger in the Philadelphia area. You can visit their website to learn more about their mission or help them:

Nonprofit organizations have many challenges. They need to do so much, and help so many, sometimes, with very limited resources, funds and time. Hypno has worked with over 100 non-profit organizations to help them with their strategy, branding, nonprofit logo design, websites for non profits, as well as overall marketing and graphic design direction. We care about the work they do for our community and we appreciate their missions and directives for everything they do to enrich the lives of people around us in the South Jersey and Philadelphia region. They are so needed and their messages are so urgent now more than ever. Not-for-profit organizations can always contact us to speak with us and learn more about how we can help them succeed. If you are a beginning non profit looking for help with getting the non profit up to speed with your non-profit branding, or just need a logo to start your new non-profit, and you need to speak with an expert, contact us now. We can evaluate your situation and marketing materials and help you with affordable, and sound marketing solutions, and suggestions. We’re very happy to help! It’s the least we can do, as a way of giving back to our community, and helping our local nonprofit organizations succeed in helping others who need all our help.


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