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Our logo needed to be simple, and still reflect our company and our brand in a strong way. The hypno spiral in our logo has gone through a few iterations throughout the years, and it is a unique double spiral, reflecting the two principals of our company working in harmony and union dynamically. It has a strong negative and positive force push and pull that makes it more interesting than just a simple one-axis spiral. 

Over the years we have refined our own logo and brand to finally bring it to this point. We feel that this solution finally expresses it cleanly, elegantly, and in a strong way. Our own brand and the logo for our company is also suggestive of the type of work you will encounter when hiring Hypno to create your own logo or brand for your company. We’re heavily into refining and removing the unnecessary things until we get to the essence of it. Contact us if you’re ready to get to that point too. 

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