Hypno Design creative wallWe work on a ton of different projects for many different types of clients. That variety makes our jobs very interesting, and satisfying. There’s always something new up on our “drawing board” which really IS a blackboard wall in our studio where we post things we’re working on to gather each other’s comments, and suggestions. It’s bad for trees, we’re sorry, but it’s great for our clients. That’s a photo of our wall after a busy creative event called Create-A-Thon.

This variety, and exposure to each other’s work and process, and all the different attempts at design, re-takes, re-iterations, and “crazy ideas” leads to good work. And in many cases it leads to great work that also is FUN. So we’re having fun, creating fun. And you know what? Fun spreads fun – which is good. Design and marketing that makes a little extra effort on the fun side of life can break through the grey, business-as-usual, doldrums of the status quo.

Whether it’s a new logo, or a new website, or an anniversary sign, or a business-card, adding a touch of fun might just help get you a little more attention for your cause.

A few examples of some fun work…

Creative Spark business cards

A business card created for a whirling dervish of energy that is a force of nature herself

Cooking for Kids Sake

Color adds a sense of fun, and humor for this non-profit invitation for Big Brothers Big Sisters


A Fun School Symbol calls alumni back for an upcoming reunion

Dear Money Doctor 7

A Logo for a Financial Advisor has a little fun with symbols


A website has fun celebrating the worst of office politics and humor TheWorstThing.com


A fun graphic that illustrates a client’s unique blend of product offerings


A fun keepsake that spreads this client’s brand all around the music scene


A serious subject gets a fun die-cut shaped business card

Of course it can’t always be fun and games. Some serious subjects call for serious treatment, and serious design. And some serious clients can’t get past their own seriousness sometimes too.

But if you can add a touch of fun, humor, or wit to a creative project, it might make someone’s day a little brighter, and it might get noticed and stand out from the crowd!

Keep it Fun!

We hope you’re having fun. We know we are! Let us know how you keep it fun…