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The website was designed and programmed for the apparel, lifestyle, and mobile application company Little Shiny Om, and features mobile-first web design. A comprehensive identity for Little Shiny Om was also completed, and our work included not only the website, but naming the company, a mobile application for iPhone, design of custom wearables, and a full social media campaign for Pinterest, and Facebook.


Below are a few examples of some of the items we designed for marketing Little Shiny Om. Lifestyle brands are very enjoyable for us to work on with our clients. Typically these clients are very enthusiastic and motivated. Creating a lifestyle brand or a lifestyle logo is some of the most rewarding creative design work that we do. After all, the work we create has to appear valid, valuable, and also help a person make an important choice for decision about a potential lifestyle change. Logo design and branding is only part of the work though. We need to carry that through to everything that the brand touches. If there is an app it needs to feel like everything else that the brand’s audience comes in contact with. With so much opportunity to get something wrong and turn off your audience permanently, you need a design partner who understands lifestyle branding and can help you get it right. We invite you to get in touch with us and discuss your project so that we can learn more about how to help you.














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