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Visions Products is a separate company but its part of a new website network for Sampco Companies. The website is part of a WordPress Multisite. This website features a slider of custom photography scenes, responsive design, interactive photo galleries of their products produced for their clients, and a process page that explains Visions Products’s approach.

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What is a WordPress multi-site you may ask? A WordPress multi site Is a special installation for WordPress that takes advantage of That allows AN administrator to set up Multiple WordPress websites under one installation on a Web server. This is advantageous when a company has several sub companies or sub organizations under one larger umbrella. It helps them manage all of their different web entities under one domain. And also it helps them Pool resources so that databases, files, users, and groups are all maintained in one place. Naturally setting up this type of a word press website is not for the uninitiated. If you would like to discuss this with us or have a special project in mind get in touch!


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