The truth is, we’re always here to help. Hypno offices are up and running as usual, and we are working every day. Whether you are in need of help with creating a consistent brand identity, or have a website that needs a complete redesign, Hypno is working, to create unique solutions to help clients succeed. Let us know how we can help you, while we all try to get through our current situation. We want to help your business or organization succeed, and help promote a healthy economy. Feel free to give us a call any time, to discuss. Here are a few recent projects to see what we’ve been up to lately…

New website launch for MFS.

As a long-time creative partner, Hypno was pleased to help Moorestown Friends School with their recently launched new website. Please visit

Video creates a dynamic new homepage experience, offering up a refreshing quick look at some of MFS’ school culture and environment.


Video project: Working at MFS

Hypno also creates video and motion graphics for our clients to help them tell their stories and promote important messages, all the while creating stronger brands. Here’s a look at a recently completed short video about what it is like to work at Moorestown Friends School.


​Now is a great time to start thinking about your next video production, working on script writing, story board creation, and planning for a video shoot in the future. Call us to learn more. There are also ways to create Video stories now, without the need to shoot on location, or meet face to face.



Branding – New Logo Addition

A client with multiple companies wanted to unify their brand presence and offer a consistent look. They asked Hypno for some help tying their organizations together. This suite of corporate identity systems helps them brand better, and also helps them market their services better according to their unique mix of expertise and offerings. View more of our logo design and branding.



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