Social Media Campaign

For Tradeshow – With Direct Mail

This Social Media campaign was designed by Hypno to generate pre-show excitement, and to drive traffic at the show for our client. It also served to help brand the client to show attendees, creating a consistent branding message, and also to create social media presence for the client, as a side benefit, outside of the show.

Posted to the various social media sites using hootsuite account for management. Posted to 2 Linked-In accounts, and 1 Facebook, and 1 Twitter account.

Direct Mail – Postcard

Sent to all registered attendees via mailing list purchased from the Tradeshow:

Direct Mail

Sent about 3 weeks before the show, the direct mail postcard offers an enticement to come to see CMG at the tradeshow.

A Special Registration Page was also set up on our client’s website to collect Pre-show signups:

Pre-Show Social Media Teasers:


These two social media teasers were sent at 2 weeks before, and 1 week before the show.


At the show we scheduled 3 times a day to post to Social Media, once in the morning, just before lunch, and near the last hour of the show that day. Some after show postings also went out.

1. How heavy is “The Bean” and what’s its real name?

2.  Plastics Trivia: What was the first plastic made from all synthetic components?

3. Who makes the best Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago?

4. Plastics Trivia: Where was the world famous Red Solo Cup invented?

5. Where’s the best view of Chicago?

6. What’s Free, and fun to do in Chicago?

7. Plastics Trivia: Where can you ride the subway by recycling plastic

8.  Pop Quiz: where can you find a smart assistant, who can carry a tune?  Drop by our booth today, and enter to win a new Amazon Echo

9. What’s Free, and fun to see in Chicago?

10. What’s a cool way to see Chicago, and get some exercise too?

11. Custom thin-walled highspeed packaging

12. Custom plastic packaging for packaged goods

13. Near Ontario and in need of world-class, custom plastic packaging?

14. Near New Jersey and in need of world-class, custom plastic packaging?

Post-show: Thank you – Follow-up

Posting and Media Planning to Multiple Social Networks is done through Hootsuite:

Different # hashtags (like the show’s #) and website links were used with the campaign as well.


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