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We all want happy, though we ask for it by something else. Such as: Quality time with our families. More satisfying jobs with better pay. Things that work. Financial freedom. Good health. Less stressful lives. Whiter teeth. Thinner tummies. Love. Peace. Equality. Freedom. Choice. Security. Stability. Trust.

If your work involves people, it's your job to find out what makes people happy. And once you've found out, we recommend you put that knowledge to good use – make people happy.

Today, people have less time.

It's obvious. People have less time to perform the things they need to do. We're all multitasking. Ironically the technology of the future that promised to free us and give us more time to enjoy life only seems to demand more time by filling up our daily lives with even more things to do. At work – the headset that is glued to your ear as you talk and surf the web at the same time; and at home – there's "quality TV" time made possible by Tivo, DVRs, digital cable and satellite; and on the sidewalks – the soundtrack of our lives is supplied by iPods, and cell phones that also double as hand-held games and digital cameras. Is all this technology taking over our lives? How many business people bring their cell phones, BlackBerries, and lap-tops on vacation - or even into their bathrooms?

Our fast paced, technology dependent, over-stimulated society is only going to get faster, more tech-dependent, and more inundated with stimuli. Bloggers are scooping large news media companies on the big stories, instant messaging offers instant gratification for the "thumb generation", and fast-food has almost entirely unseated the experience of enjoying a well-prepared home cooked meal with the family. Our leisure time is being maximized, and super-sized, with movies now being released the same time the DVD and video game hits store shelves and the video hits the web. The day of having information beamed directly into our brains is coming sooner than we think.

How is anyone possibly going to take the time to listen to what you have to say, to try what you have to offer, or even buy what you have to sell? You have to find the key to their "Happy". Find it, nurture it, embrace it, share it, and let it reproduce. Once you understand their Happy, you can make the right connection.

1. What consumers want

From the web: Fast, fun and easy to navigate websites, with easy (quick) to read content, that's organized in a way that makes sense and gives them what they're looking for the first time around. They will leave immediately if they don't get their happy right away. We've been making consumers happy by creating happy web experiences for them since 1994. Our philosophy on creating the happy experience is fundamental: keep it simple, fun and fresh. For more on this approach please feel free to contact us.

Consumers are becoming indifferent to traditional "throw more dollars at it" advertising. Tivo was smart to develop a device that let's them skip commercials altogether. There's too much distraction in consumers’ lives that cutting through the clutter is almost impossible. Consumers are smarter. They demand more out of the products they buy. It's not enough to make a good product any more, you must make it extraordinary. The success of future companies depends not on selling the best widgets at the lowest prices, but on making the ONLY widget of it's kind that extraordinarily transforms people's lives and thinking. Replace "widgets" with "services" if you're in a service industry. In his book "Purple Cow" Seth Godin goes into detail about how companies can become "remarkable." You can buy this book on Amazon, and make Seth Happy. At it's heart is the fundamental mantra we keep chanting – Make People Happy.

2. What clients want:

Clients want everything "yesterday" – they want it fast and inexpensive, and they want it to be the best it can be. It's not enough to "pick two" anymore out of the triangle of (Fast, Cheap, Good) they want all three. And if they can't get it from you, they'll go elsewhere. How do you deal with that? Get smart with technology, get personal through your connections with your clients and learn what makes them happy, and innovate like mad so you create an environment where competition doesn't even exist.

Today you not only have to outsell, you have to out-think your competition. Happily, Hypno provides some of the best creative thinking available, and we can help you think more creatively too.

Creativity is a powerful tool in the business world. Look at the success of Apple in recent years. Many times over the past 20 years, the report of Apple's death has been greatly exaggerated. It must have given Steve Jobs a truckload of happy satisfaction to finally see Apple's market capitalization surpass that of rival Dell. This was no happy accident. Rather a happy plan, accomplished by employing the power of creativity to the task of making Apple's customers happy. Other companies are doing this too. Not just tech companies. You've got to give the people what they want, but you can only do that after you figure out what they want. Our job is helping you figure that out and providing you with the best route to making people happy.

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